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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last nights theme was "which is better, the journey or the destination?" I tried to incorporate it throughout the practice at least three times. I even had them hold a posture in Sun C to feel it a little different then flowing through. The eyes are closed in slowburn, which heightens all your senses, forces you to go inward and makes you find your balance.

Start in childs pose.

Ignite the spirit: 
Swim arms. Right arm sweeps to the back of the room then circles to the front.
Hand down
Cat Cows, in between
Left arm sweeps to the back of the room then circles to the front.
Down dog, stack hips

Sun A: 5x
Side Bend to the right
Side Bend to the left
forward fold with hands clasped behind back

Sun B: 5-7x
Right hand sweeps behind, chin follows
Left hand sweeps behind, chin follows
stand up tall, chin lifts
forward fold, half lift, vinyasa
3 Legged Dog
Warrior A
Warrior B
Reverse Warrior
Windmill hands down
Left side

Sun C: 3x lead, 2-3 songs flowing on their own
3 legged dog
knee to nose
warrior A
warrior B
clasp hands behind back
inhale chin lifts & heart opens
fold at waist, bring right shoulder inside left bent knee
release hands to matt
yoga walk the length of the mat to the back
pivoting feet as you move
open left hand up, chin follows (dragonfly twist)
exhale find balance
inhale lift to crescent
exhale airplane (option later to work on lifting off back leg even with eyes closed)

Logs: Yang
Laying on back, legs lifted straight
alternate toe touches with straight legs
after 10 x drop six inches until 2 inches off the floor hold
polar stretch: bridge/wheel

uttakatasana 10 breaths
prayer twist right 10 breaths
extend left leg back to crescent keeping the prayer twist
bringing left leg back
hands to center
prayer twist to the left 10 breaths
one last vinyasa

Utilize the Fire: Yin

Spinal twist


Gayatri Mantra (when people come in to class)
Hymns So Spirtited
Hanging On, Active Child
Irish Party In Third Class, Gaelic Storm
Back in the world, David Gray
Tomorrow, Built to Spoll,
Up and Down, Chad Valley
Are We Faded, Keys N Krates
Never, Ark Patrol
To Whom it May Concern, The Civil wars
What Will, Jose Gonzalez
Happiness, Jonsi & Alex

Studies and Benefits:
70% of our toxins are released by exhaling
Our breath can change by our emotions. Finding he time to find our breath can give us an instant relaxation.

some funny things


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

everett says mice, instead of mine.
trying to take all of his bottoms down, shoes, socks (laces) while holding eleanor in the library   bathroom in the  middle of a park date with friends.
eleanor now has an opinion about things. she will slap something away if it's not what she wants!
finding peace in the early morning hours with this time change.

we will be moving back to michigan soon. it still feels like something imaginative. aaron and i haven not been back together since he joined the army. it will be difficult balancing our immediate family, extended family, friends, work, bills, uncertainty, but we are pretty excited. It will be sad to leave the army life, friends and the uncertainty that it brings. Choosing to get out will be for the best in the long run though. I know we will stay in touch with our army family still.

I have no desire to purge, pack for the week we won't have our things or anything related to moving. I would rather sit outside in the sunshine. Sing silly songs. Celebrate St Patrick's Day and Easter. Maybe walk that three mile track one last time on post.

these kids have some of the best facial expressions. seriously. they say a lot with just one look!

Best Dresses for Easter & Spring


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oh man! Anthropologie almost never has sales like this, so I would be all over it if we hadn't just purchased a house. I did however pick up this beautiful skirt for my easter outfit! I'm going to try to take a fun leg shot like this picture did for IG later this month. AND it's on sale right now $50 with all sizes besides XL.

So if budget was NOT an issue, check out some of these fantastic frocs. GET 20% off dresses today.

For the nights when you want to be conservative, but sexy: $278 dress

For a beautiful day outside: $118 dress

For a bride's shower: $260 dress

For the mom running around town: $110 dress

The perfect LBD: $142 dress

The Best Kids Clothes Under $100


Monday, March 2, 2015

Gap and Oldnavy have some great sales right now. Even if you are looking for something for spring. I mainly look through clearance and opposite seasons. I try right away to find the best deals. I also know Shop it to Me, is a good resource for letting me know things are on sale when they go on sale. For me shopping online is my only way of shopping. I hate going to the mall. I am usually hot, hungry and tired. Dragging two kids with me into these places has not deemed successful the last couple times. I am comfortable with shopping at these places because they have great return policy, old navy offers military discount and free shipping most of the time. I'll take it all. So here is an outfit for miss ellie lou that we ordered during the veterans sale last month. 

Until March 4, the sale is similar with 40% off and free shipping when you spend $50. Have fun!

Outfit cost: $77.02 (this include the PJ's)

The Best Kid Clothes Under $100


I cannot tell you how much we love the gap and old navy sales. We buy most of the kids clothes from there because we can find 100% cotton, which is a MUST for the sensitive skin. Last year, before Eleanor was born, I bought an assortment of super cute things at all different sizes when they had their winter sale. So she has these yellow rainbows and raincoat that i am just dying for her to try. Splash Splash. Everett has been so particular about clothes this year. He now only insists on pull up pants with no buttons. Long sleeve t shirts are the most "cozy". Sweaters are ok, but only worn outside. Polo shirts - please, it's touching his neck and he cannot stand it. He will wear oxford shirts for some reason. I think because we tell him he is so handsome in them. He gets this twinkle in he eye about it.

So when I get the emails that scream 40% off now (until March 4), plus free shipping (because going to the store with two kids is not fun) I jump on the website. Here is a cute fall outfit for a 3 year old boy.
Total Cost: $81.09
This jacket could be worn at least to and from school in the first months of fall. Then the pants a couple times  a week. I would personally get about 3-4 of those t shirts. Shoes would be worn all fall, besides when the snow came. Unless it was an issue with the laces. Maybe those would be for the weekend.

Friday Fun


Friday, February 27, 2015

 this is like "the" typical mom picture on the beach. minus not having a bathing suit on. it was one of those windy, magical evenings. everyone shaking out their sillies.

and if you were a kiss then i'd be the hug


Monday, January 26, 2015

we have been taking walks with the dogs before afternoon nap lately. It's been my way of trying to push nap time for everett a little later so their naps cross paths. you know so i can actually brush my teeth. luckily we aren't experiencing juno in oklahoma. the weather has been marvelous, especially when the wind is still. it was easy to get to my 10k steps today. I've noticed that it doesn't work when i am pushing the stroller without swaying my hands. sneaky fitbit.

everett's bravery is scary and exhausting. watching him climb, hang and tumble makes my heart happy, but scared. i am not sure i will be a tough football mom...

we let eleanor go down the tunnel slide today. everett "caught" her at the bottom. she thinks everything he does is hilarious, even when he cries. aaron and i get jealous sometimes because we know they already have their own language together and inside jokes. it is so special. they are so lucky to have each other. Everett's been asking eleanor to come in his room to play. he is still a little too rough with her at times, but she lets him know when she is upset. she is one tough lady.

eleanor has been eating everything. if she hears you chewing something or sees everett plate unguarded she bolts. i was so cautious with everett about nuts, strawberries, dairy. HA! Eleanor likes it all. last night she actually did NOT wake up at her 10pm or 3am time. She must have had the fullest belly and the tough love has been working.

We are going to florida over president's day weekend. she and everett are going to have a ball!!

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