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Monday, January 26, 2015

we have been taking walks with the dogs before afternoon nap lately. It's been my way of trying to push nap time for everett a little later so their naps cross paths. you know so i can actually brush my teeth. luckily we aren't experiencing juno in oklahoma. the weather has been marvelous, especially when the wind is still. it was easy to get to my 10k steps today. I've noticed that it doesn't work when i am pushing the stroller without swaying my hands. sneaky fitbit.

everett's bravery is scary and exhausting. watching him climb, hang and tumble makes my heart happy, but scared. i am not sure i will be a tough football mom...

we let eleanor go down the tunnel slide today. everett "caught" her at the bottom. she thinks everything he does is hilarious, even when he cries. aaron and i get jealous sometimes because we know they already have their own language together and inside jokes. it is so special. they are so lucky to have each other. Everett's been asking eleanor to come in his room to play. he is still a little too rough with her at times, but she lets him know when she is upset. she is one tough lady.

eleanor has been eating everything. if she hears you chewing something or sees everett plate unguarded she bolts. i was so cautious with everett about nuts, strawberries, dairy. HA! Eleanor likes it all. last night she actually did NOT wake up at her 10pm or 3am time. She must have had the fullest belly and the tough love has been working.

We are going to florida over president's day weekend. she and everett are going to have a ball!!

i officially became a mom this week


Thursday, January 15, 2015

so this week, in the chaos of my tooth falling out and aaron having a dental issue, everett projectile vomited in the kitchen. charlie proceeded to eat it while i was trying to comfort everett. i  kept telling everett that he was doing a good job and i know it's scary and gross. eleanor was in the high chair right in target. thank goodness she wasn't crawling or that mess would have been even worse. (the silver lining). however, after he threw up, he seemed to be better, but he did it again. all of a sudden he began to cry and stuck his hands in his mouth like he was trying to dig his tongue out of it. i rushed him to the bathroom this time. i told him if he was going to get sick spit in the toilet. he said "i don't like it!!" eleanor was on the floor this time as well as charlie. vomit barely made it in the toilet. it was a disaster zone. i text aaron to tell him he had to come home right away. i wasn't sure if we were going to need to take him to the doctor. he had been complaining that day that he had a scratch on his belly. (scratch are boo boo's. everett likes to scratch his cuts. he associates things that hurt i guess to scratch). I thought that he had a cut on his belly. I am pretty sure it was only food posioning. I gave him a pouch in the morning that i think was old? he seems to feel better. OF COURSE aaron comes home and I have my dentist appointment. I sit down in the chair and see vomit in my hair and my sweater. lovely! So i told my mom, that this humbling experience, made me feel more like a mom than ever before. caring for your sick child. unconditional love.

that night i had to teach, and aaron told me he woke up after falling asleep scared he was going to "get sick." He let aaron hold him on his chest and rock. then he turned to him and smiled, "no, I'm not going to get sick. i go to sleep." and with that he was out again. Probably the thought of getting sick again scared him.

we also watched monsters inc for the first time. i am not sure how i feel about this movie. everett went to sleep the other night and talked about his closet and the monsters. aaron thinks he is just perceptive that he has a closet, like the kids in the movie. i am not convinced. monsters in the closet is a scary worry! maybe i am overthinking pixar. i'll stick to nemo and Up, thanks!

i am trying to be deceptively creative in my lasagna tonight. can you say butternut squash puree and cauliflower puree? i figure, i have some for eleanor and it gets in dinner. budget friendly, i am not buying a million pouches, and it's healthy.

successful breakfast


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

everett was impressed with my breakfast today. it was so simple and i made it last night. i added some healthy things in the mix like chia seeds, flax, apple sauce, unsweetened coconut and walnuts. There was also bananas, strawberries and some mini choc-o-chips. this baked oatmeal dish probably could be more like a dessert with the chocolate, but since i only put a handful in the mix, i think it's ok. it has to be better than fruit loops.

i have been trying to get everett to eat at the table. but most of the time he takes his plate or bowl into the living room on the ottoman. i have been pushing the table because eleanor is climbing her cute little body up onto the ottoman. last weekend she stole some of his cereal. have i mentioned she climbs everything. i don't remember everett being quite so curious in the beginning.

last night while i was doing my flossing, my tooth broke. WHAT? how does that even happen? i was flossing for pete sake. having one car, a husband who works long hours and no babysitter put us in quite the predicament. luckily today he wasn't teaching and i was able to schedule an appointment before i teach yoga tonight.

i taught my first hot vinyasa (besidesYTT) last night. there were six students. mostly middle age, but  really committed to their practice. listening to them share their reasons for coming to their mat weekly is inspiring. last night i prepped a little for my class and asked them what was the age they felt today? I asked them what age would they be if they didn't know how old they are. i weaved it into the class and even played a couple songs to inspire a young at heart attitude like, forever young cover by audra mae. i overheard one of the guys say, "she's good, isn't she" to the other student. it made me feel really happy. i know we were taught that you don't get much feedback besides "great class" as a teacher unless it's something negative. i am enjoying teaching. i get nervous before class, but once i am in it, i feel like a completely different person.

2 cups oats
1/4 c unsweetened coconut
1/4 c walnuts
1 TBS of chia seeds (soak these suckers first)
1 TBS ground flax seed
1 TBS cream of tarter
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1tsp ginger
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/3 c brown sugar (i left this out)
handful of chocolate chips
2-2.5 cups non dairy milk (we like vanilla almond unsweetened)
1 cup strawberries (i used frozen)
1 banana sliced
1 egg
3TBS butter or oil
combine wet and dry ingredients separately
spray a baking dish (8x8 or 9x12)
add dry first, then wet
bake at 375 F for 40-50 min

picky eater stigma


Monday, January 12, 2015

My son has always been a pretty good eater until recently. He is 2.5 years old. He likes to nibble, snack and occasionally will eat a whole meal in one sitting. A lot of the time we end up feeding him in the bathtub. I worry if he isn't full before bed he is going to wake up in the night for a banana. He always will eat one of the "pouches". Ella's Kitchen is a lifesaver. however after reading this book by Maryann Jacobsen, "from picky to powerful" I have a new attitude at meals.She gives you the tools to understand why picky eating occurs and remove some of that mom/dad guilt. She gives hope to parents that their kids will blossom into healthy eaters...eventually. She points out that, fussy eating has always been around, but the growth as a problem has increased because of modern life. 60 years ago giving frozen chicken nuggets as a secondary option wasn't available for dinner like it is today. There is also a huge push for parents to give EXOTIC options for their kids.

Our kids know when they are hungry and what they like. they are growing and their taste buds are changing. If anyone is going through this with their toddler, preschooler, i thought this recommendation would help. she also has a blog. Raise Healthy Eaters
this is another blog i have been following lately about food. I went to high school with katie and she is a wonderful dietician and mother.  Mom to Mom Nutrition

I am trying to figure out meals since eleanor is starting to eat bite size pieces too. More mouths to feed equals more time in the kitchen and less money in my wallet. I am trying to figure out foods for B, L and D so I can figure out my time, budget and there are healthy options in the kitchen. if you see my pinterest page lately, i have been adding some bite size food options. Ill try to post things i make and any suggestions for other people.

happy healthy eating this 2015! Any suggestions I am happy to take.

going a little nuts


Friday, January 9, 2015

it's hard to find a decent babysitter. i am not sure i can survive the next four months in oklahoma with only one car and no babysitter. all the stories about aaron as a toddler have finally have come through in everett and OMG. It's challenging. I will be trying to put eleanor down for a nap and everett bursts into the room slamming the door into the wall repeatedly. He is either shouting, "mom, come play" "mom, have to poop" or "mom there is a mess on the floor from my smoothie." It's frustrating when my milk finally has let down and she lifts up to check out what her brother is doing. Milk goes Everywhere. Then the UPS guy HAS to ring the doorbell, which creates utter chaos with the dogs. Everett thinks dad is home, which he is not. All in the matter of a minute the level of energy went from 2 to 10. Then if I actually get eleanor to sleep for her morning nap I can play with E alone.
During YTT (yoga teacher training), Jonny Kest talked about our day being measured by energy or prana rather than time. If you are constantly using your energy without rest, you are going to be exhausted by 7pm. I need to figure out a better system. Some days I feel like I have about 20 minutes to do something for myself and I need a babysitter. Even if I close the door to my room and finish a knitting project that I began in August for my best friend's baby that was born in November (Smirk face). I probably would fall asleep though.

I never knew raising a toddler boy could be so challenging. Now on to find a good book that helps us... not that i know when ill be able to read it. audio book maybe? I saw kindle now has some, which is pretty convenient.

Things to do this week:

playlist for yoga saturday
daddy and son date
package baby shower gift

taking in the moments


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

last night when aaron returned from work, the dogs were restless. normally after a bath, it's quiet time and bed time. i kind of insist on a schedule/routine, because i find it helps make bed time easier. however, we have been stuck in the house for three days with colds, and only one car again. we decided to all go for a walk to the street across the park. instead of being uptight about their colds, the wind, the temperature, the time of night, I enjoyed  being with my family. hearing the laughter between father and son. it is one of those things i want to remember for 2015.

elise joy created this year documentation book from pinhole press that i am going to do, too. i struggle so much with how to organize pictures, and keepsakes. I KNOW i have ZERO time for scrapbooking old school style, but i do like to keep a journal for each kid. I did a weekly journal for everett for the first year and I am doing the same for eleanor. (I find it harder to remember to record things with eleanor. 2nd baby). After the first year, i just wrote down different things about everett's words, people he met, and adventures we took. My mom had not time for recording these things for my sister and me, so I have always made time for that. I am sure my future daugher-in-law will appreciate it. After eleanor's first year, I would rather have one journal. I want it to be a family one. It will also be my reference for my shutterfly or artifact uprising photo books. I am starting in January. I ordered it this week and I hope it is something even Aaron can do. I would love to have my parents and his write in it too because handwriting is usually only on cards anymore. I want my kids to see their grandparents handwriting. It's an art I think. (I mean this lady even makes jewelry from handwriting.)

Anyway, I will post the picture of it when I get it. Thanks!

so it's the new year


Monday, January 5, 2015

wow. it's been awhile since i have posted. i was busy with babies, yoga, living at my parents, and trying to get food in my mouth.

for 12 weeks i completed jonny kest's teacher training with the center for yoga and lifetime fitness. it was life changing to say the least. it was way more of a personal growth journey than i imagined. i met people that had similar goals and strengthened my mind, body and spirit. it was difficult being without my partner for 12 weeks, but luckily he came for a visit. i am now a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. it was a goal i was actively pursuing for more than 3 years. i am so happy to say that i achieved it before i turned 30 this winter.

aaron asked me if i wanted to make a list of goals to achieve before i turn 40, and i really loved that idea. most of my ideas relate to traveling, eating and being creative in some way. i also would really like to sit at a ten day vipassana and have a couple more babies. maybe even some bunnies.

for now, i am focusing on the year ahead and i wanted to share some of my goals.

2015 | GOALS |

create something once a month
take pictures monthly (not just of kids and dogs)
52 yoga practices (ashtanga preferably)
finish my feedbacks with CFY
I want to remember book
Practice Metta
Grow some plants without killing them
Hit 10K steps daily (fitbit)
Monthly date night (Aaron takes Odd, I take the Even months)
Launch some projects on the blog
Sabbath from my phone weekly.... I am thinking Sundays. 
Vipassana Meditate 3-5 times a week 20 minutes each time

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