printstagram: tiny photo books


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i love these little photo books. have you heard of them? printstagram uses your instagram pictures to make several different products for an affordable price. (they use fed ex for shipment which is the most expensive part of the purchase). i think of these photo books as the new "wallet pictures." Does anyone even do that anymore? i printed small wallet pictures from shutterfly for Aaron when he was deployed. He DID keep them in his wallet and still does. (so cute). everyone has the iphone to whip out for pictures AND videos now though. i purchased the three mini photo books for $10; one for everett, one for my darling husband's easter basket and one for our little baby girl of my pregnancy. you can add up to 24 pictures for each mini book. i also like that you can either make three of the same books or three different ones. ooo and they are magnetic.

*i think the last day to order before mother's day is may 1. it would make a cute gift and it's easy to ship if you don't live close to your mama.... like me. (May 11 is mother's day).

for the little mister: easter


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

this year i wanted to make a little basket for everett to search for in the morning. i found some vintage, thrifted, etsy and new things to complete the unnecessary easter basket ritual.
first, i didn't want to include candy, but i also didn't want to be the mom who did NOT give jelly beans on easter. Plus, i really wouldn't mind some starburst pink jelly beans. YUM!

burlap bags for the jelly beans
emccall bunny mask
haddonco father and son matching bowtie
gossie book



Saturday, April 5, 2014

how long do you think those balloons lasted us?? if you said a minute you would be so close. taking these pictures ourselves proved to be very challenging. how do these bloggers do it daily with their children tagging along? i told aaron it probably would be less stressful on all of us if we hired a photographer to take our pictures. if anything bring the babysitter as a distraction. the tootise pop was not enough when there were buffalo geese, ducks and swans to chase. we did however get about four pictures i was really wanted. i think our other mistake was going so close to sunset. everett was spent for the day, and aaron too. i really wanted our baby girl to have pictures of me pregnant with her that weren't selfies or of only the bump. my mom had one picture of her pregnant with me and i didn't want to make that mistake.

E for energetic


Friday, April 4, 2014

 i have been taking this photography class with abeautifulmess this month. it has been very helpful. getting to know my dslr camera a little better. taking a different look at photography has been inspiring. candice is super awesome too!

i captured everett doing his daily sprints across the backyard. "ready, set, GO!" he likes to scream! i know when i look back at this picture in 30 years i will instantly smile. i cannot wait to get in on the action too. pregnant mama is tired.

some of my favorite e words and phrases
"no mooo bahrkin" = no more barking
"I ov uuuu" = i love you
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,HEN) = counting to ten and a big fat hen



Monday, March 31, 2014

this week was pretty relaxing. we watched toy story 3 and i cried. it was so so cute. i blame the tears on hormones and the fact that i keep thinking about how big you are getting everett. you are going to look HUGE next to your sister. i look forward to continuing our bed time routine of books, songs, prayers and you asking for a pouch. (or a banana or toast). you and dad have had some special moments together of hanging out together. you enjoy watching the march madness too. thanks for giving us so much joy daily. 

the land of longhorns


Saturday, March 29, 2014

we went to check out the wild life preserve with the dogs. it was quite the adventure. the longhorn roam the land and walked past our car. lucy felt like she could take on the big guy! she is one confident lady. we then went to this little lake. there was the most beautiful gathering of swans on the other side. i am practicing some new photography settings, but tried to capture them. it was so peaceful especially the early morning hour. the light is the best during that time around here it seems. it's wonderful to see everett enjoy the little things in life too. this time last year, everything was new and he wasn't as chatty as he is now. it's still my favorite to look at life through his eyes. everything is "cool" and "wow." i particularly like when he enjoys the same silly things as we do. lucy running through the water made us all laugh together. it's my favorite part of any day!

Triangle Quilt


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So i decided to make a triangle quilt for our daughter. I used See Kate Sew, Elise Blaha, My Poppet & Smile and Wave for inspiration. I also used some youtube videos for binding techniques. This was my first quilt and therefore there are quite a few flaws. I also restarted different sections two or three times. Cutting the triangles are key though. I didnt want to use equilateral triangles, and I used Kate's size triangle of 5 3/4'' top and 8'' sides. How hard is measuring??? Goodness, I need to go back to school. It was quite tricky to make each of the triangles the same size. Then sewing them in an even row. Good luck for those who would like to attempt it. 
*1/2 yard each of 7 different cotton fabrics
*1 1/2 yards fabric for back
*1 1/2 yards batting
*binding tape (3") Here's a good video on how to! (used about 1/2 yard)
1/4" seam allowance
5 3/4" top, 8" sides for triangles

*Purchased fabric at Fabricdepot (sell's by 1/2yard) 
KONA: Melon, Black, Dusty Peach, Mango, Maize, & White
JoAnn's grey and white polka dots
Spoonflower Curliques Coral (used for binding too)

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