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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beginning Class
Sukhasana (kids refer to it as criss cross applesauce) 3 easy sun breaths
Discuss the feeling of being grounded with the earth. Feeling tall. Morning is full of possibilities. This pose is so simple and natural to children to come to a seat on the floor, but adults we choose chairs. We have to relearn sitting on the floor. Breathing in this present moment happy sensations. Listening to the breath from the nose.

Warm Up
Childs pose
Table cat/cow
Plank (hold for 8 breaths)
Down dog
Walk feet to hands
Uttanasana (forward fold)

Surya A x 3 (side bend option)

Surya B
- Shoulder Press
- Bow Pulls
- Cross arms, fold forward (abdominal)
Vira 2
- First side: weights at heart center, pulse, straighten legs, option to add shoulder presses
- Second side: lean forward, option to extend weights out
Crescent Lunch to back of the room
-Shoulder extensions, forward to side
Repeat on the left

Mountain Climbers 1 minute

Tricep Series
Purvottanasana (upward plank pose), tricep dips - alternate lifting one leg, hold in between

Standing Series
Tree - triceps extensions
Dancer - bicep curls
Vira 3 or lunge - pulls
Low Lunge - back flys
Vinyasa to standing
Repeat Left

One legged crunches (2-3 sets of 15)
-add twist
Badda Konasana crunches between sides

Cool down
Easy supine twist
Happy Baby

Morning, Beck
Back in the World, David Grey
Sun Models, ODESZA
Love Never Felt So Good, Michael Jackson ($0.69 on iTunes right now!)
If You Wanna, The Vaccines
Hold Each Other (feat FUTURIS), A Great Big World
King, Years and Years
Haute Mess (ANNA Remix)
Let the Night Fall (DJ Chachi Remix), Dragonette
Save Me (Feat Katy B), Keys N Krates
You Will Set The World on Fire, David Bowie
Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran
Love You Better, On Land
When We're Fire (cello version), Lo-Fang

for my first yoga sculpt sequence if this one isn't your favorite you can click here to review.

friday favorites


Friday, August 28, 2015

photo : a pair of photographers

it's our anniversary today! 6 years. apparently the gift is candy or iron. we have been trying to find an oversized P for the backyard deck, but haven't found anything yet. SO  I went with candy. I took the kids to the candy/bulk foods store. it was quite the adventure. they had quite a few "samples". Luckily the lady working was super kind.

this week i downloaded "google photo app" for my phone. It's backing up all my pictures. It's going to transform my life. no joke! Here is a little "how to" for you to get organized too.

if i were to wear this 2/3 of winter, does that give me the permission to spend grocery money on this free people sweater coat? it looks cozy... but it's acrylic and wool...

this made me chuckle. babies on planes is everyone's worst fear for their next flight.

nancy tillman books are my favorite. i probably ask to read it to the kids more than they want to. her new book "you're here for a reason" comes out next month.

need some help with packing lunches this year? my friend Katie has the answer. be consistent. here are some non sandwich options too.

coolest backpacks for your preschool child 2015


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

so we had our parent teacher meeting for everett's school last night. i felt like a real grown up sitting in their little red preschool chairs. baby did not like that position for forty minutes. we really like this school and the owner of the school, miss sandra. they do an individualized teaching program with the kids and you take home a folder with you. this folder has their individualized plan based on their learning. he is in a classroom with 3 and 4 year olds and the range of knowledge is pretty big. he knows shapes, colors, numbers and some letters, but letter sounds forget about it. some kids are already reading though. amazing!

they told us to have a standard backpack size (14" - 18" tall) for them.

so everett cute personalized one my mom bought him isn't big enough anymore. Typically, that would be perfect for a preschool/daycare setting. But at his school they want us to have a ziplock bag of a change of clothes, have room for their folder, art projects and their coat when it gets cold. i just can't imagine everett and a standard backpack though. It seems BIG!

Here are some ideas we found that might work and are 'considering'. Luckily we have some time...

to give you an idea of comparison. everett's backpack in size is: 10" tall
he did not want his picture taken. this was the beginning of summer school june 23

Backpacks for School

Spider-Man / Pottery Barn / $39.95 / 10.5" tall

Fjallraven Kanken Mini / Zappos / $65 / 11" tall

Jansport / Dicks sporting Goods / $36 / 16.7" tall

Poler / Nordstroms / $29.95 / 16" tall

Fit & Tumble / $34 / 16" tall

Personalized / Etsy / $24.95 / 17" tall

perfect gift for the mother in law


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

so i made these ring dishes last week for my mother in law's birthday. everett went with me to michael's and he picked the colors. i was a little surprised he didn't pick any red because that seems to be the color of choice lately from him. i think i made them a little too thin, but they were so fun to make. she LOVED it!

friday favorites


Friday, August 21, 2015

steven colbert taking over the late show. should be interesting. did you know he was 1 of 11 children?

the alison show she has a fun outlook to pregnancy style! and if you want to try snapchat, she gives a little insight. my sister in law has been using it for a couple years and I'm always so clueless...

a frozen christmas book comes out september 8

lou holtz graduation speech. wow! "i've been 21, you've never been 78!.... everyone needs something to do. someone to love. someone to believe in. something to hope for." it's 17 minutes (I KNOW who has that much time?), but if you have time before bed and are on your phone. might be pretty inspiring. Trust. Commitment. Love.

jessica lives in atlanta with her three little garvin girls. her life already with three kids is mine with two kids and two dogs. today i was finally feeling confident about having three under three. but this made me laugh: the philosophy of her husband no bath tonight because they will just get dirty tomorrow! this was my husband yesterday.

fall wardrobe for a toddler girl


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

this year i haven't had time to really sift through the fall clothes of everett 18-24 months for eleanor. She seems a little more petite than he was at this age, plus i buy everything a bit bigger for everett so they fit longer. Huge t shirts don't really work with a girl. I tried to just buy pieces that would work with mixing colors, prints and textures. Here are some of my favorite options.

Use Old Navy code ENJOY for 25% off  $75 or more!

Cardigan / Skirt / Baseball T / Shoes (On Sale for $10) version 1

version 2 with sneakers (she likes red like her bro. these were everett, but barely fit him)

Boots / Dress (Old Navy) on sale right now for $10!

Peasant Top / Pants (Old navy but sold out) similar  / Boots

Jacket (similar) / Boots / Pants
i found this jacket for a steal off bloomingdales late winter. 

Winnie the Pooh Cardigan (Fairy Tales on Parade gifted  by MIL) / Leggings / Shoes 
old navy has the best prices and longest lasting leggings. 

So I'm hoping having a simple wardrobe will make it easier when I am dressing three babes every day. It will also make more room in the dresser/closet for more clothes/DIAPERS! (because ill be swimming in diapers). Some things I did not take pictures of, but here are the items we found necessary. Leggings, dress, shoes, light sweater, graphic t, plain t's. She won't need a jacket, because our green patagonia one will fit her from everett. 

back to school wardrobe for a boy


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

i have gotten pretty smart about the discounts and deals they have at gap and old navy. i look for everett & eleanor weekly. i also use shop it to me too for the latest discounts/sales directly to my inbox. here are some of my favorite pieces for everett's wardrobe this fall.

OLD NAVY (All Jeans), 35% off + free shipping code EXTENDED
J.Crew GREATSALE 25% off
Gap 40% off total purchase before noon Pacific Time or 30% off noon to midnight

henley t's (gap) / pants (old navy)
he pretty much will live in these all fall and winter because he hates sweaters. they will go with all the pants we have too! old navy has some $8 versions of these henley/baseball t's right now.

flannel (gap) / pants (zara) / high tops (gap) similar similar

pattern t (carhart) / pants (old navy)
he likes anything that is "just like daddy" and we have been waiting for three years for him to fit into this shirt my sister bought. made in detroit baby!

graphic t (old navy) / pants (j.crew)
i snagged this shirt when it wasn't on sale, but it is today for $8.94.

graphic similar (gap) / pants (jcrew) / shoes
these shoes are on sale at nordstroms right now in blue. jcrew has these pants on sale %25 

as far as graphic t's and super hero go, he likes spiderman. he saw it in the fall clothes pile and has been fighting with me to wear it... in the 90 degree heat! 

sweater similar (gap) /denim (j.crew)

we still are looking for some boots for him in the snow and i just bought these H&M snow pants for both kids. Winter will be interesting. He hates jackets and sweaters and immediately will take them off in the store and car. There is no point to fight that battle, but we will see if his sensitivity changes with the colder weather.

Fall Wardrobe:
5 pairs of pants (2 jeans, 2 play, 1 dress)
2 graphic long sleeve t's
4 henly t's
1 crew sweater
1 flannel
1 hightop
1 sneaker

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