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Nordstrom Sale - Kid Version

Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Nordstrom sale is crazy good for kids this year! Everett needed some of these desperately. I think he sometimes accidentally would wear the 2T instead of the 4T and he would say "I have a boo boo on my back!" Oops!

Since we live in colder state, boots, gloves, mittens and coats are always a good thing to find on sale. Especially the coats cute colors. Bonus, these are still good in the carseat. They aren't too bulky! 

I'm trying to find a shoe that is easy to put on, supportive, has lots of color options and is under 30 bucks. I think my best bet are chucks. They are not part of the sale. These are which are AHHHHDORABLE! I stress out about shoes because as soon as we buy them, we are getting a bigger size. Debating these toms for eleanor, but not sure if they are easy to put on. Plus no socks, means it's probably NOT going to work. Girl loves her socks.

I have been coveting these jeans. Paige denim is my favorite post baby. However, I probably will buy these, because #momlife.

What are you shopping for??

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Summer Activities for the Kids

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Being outside in the summer can sometimes get monotonous for the kids. Same water toys, smaller pieces (half chewed) chalk, bikes and sand box. I'm constantly thinking, pinning new ways to occupy their time. However, their imagination is so rampant it almost happens organically.

1. Pirate / Burried Treasure
The weekend of the E's birthdays we found these $1 shovels. At the time we had high hopes for a vegetable garden and knew they would enjoy digging in the dirt with us. These served many hours of fun for a month, before the heat made it impossible to keep up with our garden. We decided to make a treasure map of our backyard. X marks the spot. The deck was a pirate ship and they had to find the x. This serves as good social studies lesson too. It also is a way to talk about directions (straight, left right) but also north, south, east, west. Of course the shovels are pirate swords some times too. 

2. Painting with Chalk

We have one of those water tables everyone probably has. We decided to see what happens when we put the chalk into the water. (Again this happen because one of them threw it in. Not because I'm like super mom and have time for all these ideas). The next thing you know, the chalk is everywhere. It also stuck to the plastic because of the heat.  We are able to talk about colors, colors mixing, different hues and even practice letters. 

3. DIY Popsicles 

What a fan favorite this is! We found these rubbery popsicle molds on Amazon that don't have a million pieces. We created a coconut blueberry juice one. Amelia really is enjoying it in this picture. Do you have a favorite recipe for Popsicles? My friend Katie tried an avocado one that I neeeed to do! 

4. P Stands for - Parks and Pools 

If all else fails we tire everyone out at the park! And try not to have seventy melt downs along the way... Try! 

What are some of your favorite things to do outside the box?

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100 Day Project

Monday, July 25, 2016

I started the 100 day project this week on instagram. It has been something I have considered doing for sometime. I thought it would be something creative for me to do and share. I feel very inspired by so many of the artists that make something daily with their project. I specifically was motivated by Elise and her 100 Pep Talks. I decided that I could do that and help some moms and yoga teachers. 100 days is a long time, but I am excited!

I define myself as a mom sure, but some days I forget that I am also Kathryn. I have thoughts!! Since I am not teaching yoga as much because of my husband's schedule and lack of a babysitter, I thought this might be a good outlet for some yogic inspiration. You'll have to take a peak.

Here was yesterday's short piece.  Or you can look at the hashtag #100daysofpeacockpep

"Your energy is the same energy that turns the planet. You are that important."

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Amelia // 8 Month Business

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This little girl has started crawling and pulling herself up on things. I was secretly hoping she would just continue to only crawl, but I'm afraid she will be walking before fall! This has been the scene around here lately. Lots of movement.

Please someone feed her. 
Childhoods clothing made these new natura colored shorties in peacock color. Stay cozy and cool!

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Hair Pulling in a Toddler

Monday, July 18, 2016

It seems like there is very little written on the internet regarding this topic in children. I have read countless forums about parents struggle with their kids pulling out their hair. Since October, our daughter has been doing that... one strand at a time. She has been a thumb sucker since around 4 months of age. When she would nurse, she would grab my hair. This was something I didn't really think was odd, because MANY babies have that reflex that makes them feel grounded when holding something. With Everett, I was always good about grabbing one particular blanket while nursing. He eventually became attached to it, and still is! Unfortunately, Eleanor and I never got into a rhythm of a particular blanket. When she transferred from the crib to the toddler bed she had a pillow instead of laying on the sheet. She stopped sleeping on her belly and started laying on her back. This created the habit. In addition, I fear I started it too by giving her pigtails. She hated it and would pull out the hair ties. Unforatunely, we didn't notice this until Christmastime when she started balding on one side of her hair. When I go back to pictures, it was obviously present in October too.

I am writing about this because I think I found some helpful tools that might benefit other parents. I haven't really found anything consistent. I know if we take away the thumb sucking it will remove the hair pulling. We tried this sleeve, which is hard for her to remove, but it also was impossible for her to settle herself down at night. I've tried socks on her hands, a turban hat, a blanket with little balls,
finger huggers, soft blankets1  2 and 3,  but nothing really satisfies her desire to twirl one strand of hair in between her finger and thumb.

I recently found this ring and bracelet. I want to make some type of ribbon on a bracelet because she would love to have her hand by her hair still. Any thoughts on this, please let me know!

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Giveaway // Baby Bundle

Thursday, July 14, 2016


am so excited to give my readers a chance to win all three of these amazing items.

My friend and Army wife, Michelle has had her Etsy shop, BizyBelle for a couple years. I am not sure where she finds the time to sew and be a mama to her two gorgeous girls, but she DOES! She is generously giving away one of her security blankets. Winner gets to decide which one they like! Please take the time to look through her shop and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. You will see how talented she really is! She even has some celebrities requests! With her gender neutral colors that are not just yellow and green, you will definitely find something that works for your little. Giveaway and coupon code FLASH10 lasts until July 30.

I'm also giving away a Beautycounter baby oil because their products have safe ingredients for your little ones, but bonus can be great for moms who have no time to shave in the shower.  My friend and army wife Jen sells them and has some really helpful tips for you and your family on her Facebook page. Follow her! You won't regret it!


Lastly but not least, a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs! I know everyone has seen the amazing brand Susan has created, and now is your chance to win a pair of your very own or maybe for someone you know! The new Flower Child colors are pretty spectacular. 

This is open to US residents only. Giveaway CLOSED!

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Our peacock room

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