fall fun for the kids


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

so over at garvin and company she had some fun ideas for the kids to keep busy. when it was only everett and me at fort drum we lived near this nature trail. I remember going with him around 16 months to find leaves. Now that he is older, we had more things to grab. Eleanor pretty much picked up things Everett did. She also tried to go in the street, but would stop at the curb yelling "stop" with her hand out. However, she would give you a grin that said "dare me?"

I googled kids scavenger hunt pictures and taped them to a paper lunch bag. We normally use them for crafts or practicing with the scissors. I thought if they saw the pictures it would be easier for them. Everett was very interested in finding the animal hole and spider. We did find a hole and an ant so we called it a win. Hopefully you are finding your way outside to enjoy the air... even if it's still 90 degrees where you live. I have determined since having kids, just by getting outside, changes everyones moods! even mommy's!

slow flow yoga


Monday, October 5, 2015

Begin wherever you are on your mat.

Most people were laying down though. I like giving the option to begin wherever you want because again it makes the person think about what they want. they are usually walking into a yoga class and being instructed on every move they make. they are watching the teacher too. it's always interesting to see their faces when they see that they actually need to find their own way by my clear and simple directions. (At least I try to give clear and simple directions...)

Ignite the Fire
side to side arm drops, other arm rises over ear
table top
cat cow
spinal extension
option to add on grabbing ankle

Sun A
down dog
sunA's 5 or 6

Sun B
Chair pose
3 legged dog
crescent on the knee
option to grab back ankle with left hand right hand up and over chin over left shoulder
hands frame front foot
standing splits
maybe warrior 3
lower down
strong star
hands on hip or clasp hands behind back, chin up forward fold
walk hands to back of mat
bend knee
open up with left arm
chin follows
2 -3 times

childs pose

lie on backs
gentleman leg cross over
thread hands through legs
similar to pigeon

alternate toes tapping to the floor with one leg lifted
active exhalations when toe taps on the floor
1-2 minutes

bridge or wheel

roll back to seated

marchyasana letter C

supta badha konasana

shoulder stand

spinal twist


Yoga Music
Janet Jackson, Gonna Be alright

friday favorites


Friday, October 2, 2015

hopefully your weekend has lots of cider and donuts in it. the weather is finally changing cooler around here and it makes me want to cook and bake. obviously with the help of two little souf chefs. which by help, i mean make more messes. but here are some of my weeks favorites. ENJOY!

ok i obviously have a crush on jessica alba's style. but hello, she designed her own christmas cards for tiny prints and they are minimal and glitzy. Can it be both? lots of black and white with accents of gold or silver. i like that during a time of sensory overload.

this hat has been seen a million times, but i think its super cute and good price. good job anthro!

#ilovemyhannas FINALLY the PJ's are in! 

yoga for the young

guess how many times you look at your phone a day? 150! barf

i made these vegan banana and date muffins for family that came over this week. SO GOOD! I've been making everything from Gwyneth's book lately. 

slowburn yoga


Thursday, October 1, 2015

staying in the present moment is hard. our monkey mind is so complex and powerful. it allows us to process information in the environment within a tenth of a second.  however, it does have limitations. which include attention, working memory, processing speed and sensitivity to interference. Interference relates to distractions both internal and external. Have you ever gotten into a room only to forget why you were there? Have you ever had a conversation with someone, but were paying attention to the radio at the same time? Trying to get our mind to focus on one task in a yoga class can be tricky, but when the eyes are closed, 90% of outside stimulants are removed. Hoping these ideas will help a new slowburn student stay focused and present on the mat (with their eyes closed).

Sacred Space
begin by laying on the belly.

Ignite the Spirit
cobra with right leg out toward the side (knee bent, still flat on the floor) x 5 - 7
cobra with left leg out x 5 - 7 connecting the diaphragmatic breath
full cobra or up dog
down dog

Baby flow
walk hands to back
forward fold
walk hands to the right, open left arm up chin follows (think about grounded toes)
walk hands to the left, open right arm up chin follows
repeat 5 - 8 times

Big flow
walk hands back to the top of matt Plank hold 10 breaths
down dog
Sun A with side bends R & L
no vinyasa
Tap right knee to right elbow (lean forward on wrists)
Tap left knee to left elbow
2 times before coming back to the top again
repeat on their own for 3 - 5 minutes

Biggest flow
sweep R hand back chin follows
sweep L hand back chin follows
reach tall
forward fold
step right foot back, then left
up dog
down dog
three legged dog
warrior A
Warrior B
Reverse Warrior
Dragonfly twist (NOT ARM BALANCE. bend front R knee open up with right arm, chin follows)
Yoga walk to the back of the mat
Revolve half moon
Half moon
Maybe a handstand
Repeat on Left
Flow on own 8 minutes

Child Pose mini minute

Down Dog
Warrior A (hold 4 breaths)
Warrior B (hold for 10 breaths)
Side Angle
option to hold both hands by the ear "like a halo"
standing splits
curtsey twist (right knee bends, left knee comes behind right knee, maybe lifting fingertips off the floor) edgier lift hand off the floor
step flying foot back
pyramid: bow head to knee, maybe lift toes off the floor
repeat on left side

Down Dog
Pigeon R
Pigeon L

Spinal Twist


Slowburn Playlist V4
Pretty much kept the same music as last week, but I did add these two songs.
*for extra cheesiness
Wake me up when September Ends, Sabrina i played this during pigeon. not normally a place for lyrics during slowborn, but i thought since it was the last day of september it might be fun.
Only Love, Mumford and Sons i played this at the beginning of class before sacred space

honestly, is it honest beauty?


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Many shoppers today are trying to be more conscious of the ingredients in foods, drinks, body products, and cleaning supplies. We hear so many reports and studies about some ingredients linking to cancer or birth defects. Things we do NOT want. so we steer away from those products containing those ingredients. the common mistake consumers make is thinking that their "natural" cleaning product has no ingredient in it that is harmful. While the FDA regulates food and makes sure that it "is generally safe," it does not control cosmetics or other personal care products. Nor does it regulate terms like "organic" or "natural." USDAgriculture is the only one determining this. People who have disclaimers like Honest Beauty, I prefer. "You can rest easy knowing The Honest Company DOES NOT USE health-compromising chemicals or compounds."  AND they list the chemicals they do not use. Smart.

Honest Beauty sent me a complimentary gift to select something from their new website. I was thrilled. I decided to do the trial size of their facial products (three different skin type choices) and a matte lip (mulberry kiss). The facial gel cleanser smells similar to Aveda products, but not as intrusive. It feels so light and soft. I am obsessed with the spray mist revitalizing wonderfullness. It makes my skin feel so clean, tight but not dry. It's magic in a spray. For $16 I might buy two and have one in the car! My husband has an intolerance to wheat, so this time of year he gets very dry skin if he enjoys a fall beer. He really liked the oil free moisturizer, because it didn't feel like anything was even on his face. Stocking Stuffer for your guy??

I planned on having this trial set for my hospital bag because it would fit so nicely and it looks simple and pretty. The soft pink and minimalist packaging is a lovely touch to Jessica's line. Go check it out! they are honestly, honest! :)

solly baby wrap, gap cardigan

shop by clicking on pictures!

everett and eleanor


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

his: shorts similar / socks / shirt :: hers: dress similar

lately i have been thinking a lot about #everettandeleanor duo ending. cue will smith's song "just the two of us." i know they will have plenty of time sharing life together, but another person will be added to the mix. i know eleanor probably won't remember much of the bonding she and her brother did for 18 months. little moments like this hug make my heart sing. he has been so kind to her lately. they actually play together. he tries to teach her things. they will climb into his bed with all their books and read them to each other. some moments when i see them giggling over the silliest thing remind me of my time growing up with my sister. there is just this connection that is so precious. i hope with the next little peacock brings more laughs and hugs like these!

maternity style 32 weeks


Monday, September 28, 2015

trying to find some end of summer beginning of fall outfits with the bump has been tricky. luckily places like anthropologie, always have blouses that are gorgeous whether you are pregnant or not. of course it is always a good destination to find something peacock/bird/pavo related too. i knew when i found this top I had to have it. i received many compliments from my peacock people too. everett pointing out the deer and looking for a wolf. eleanor saying "dird" which is bird.

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