Wednesday, July 23, 2014

raising a boy


Monday, July 21, 2014

it cracks me up how much he is talking. the last couple weeks he has been using the words, "this, that, these and those". He is trying to understand the use for them, but sometimes gets them mixed up. he is repeating almost everything we say too. Aaron told him "thanks wild man." Everett repeated it instantly. 
i took this picture after i ran with the kids to the park. I brought my camera along to take some new pictures of E. He has been used to wearing t-shirts and hated this oxford ralph lauren shirt from TJ's. Salt Waters I found on Brickyard Buffalo. However, I am not convinced these are boy shoes. Aaron calls him his Jesus shoes... they look girly to me. 

we are getting ready this week for our trip back to michigan. Along the way we are stopping in St. Louis, and Chicago. Hopefully we survive the 18 hour drive. Any tips on a toddler in the car? We might leave in the middle of the night. 
Favorite things this week:
Frozen, which you call Ice
Sandbox (obviously)
Going on the regular toilet instead of the Thomas kid potty.
Staying up late
Pretending to plant a seed
The craziest Youtube video of toys in playdough



Monday, July 14, 2014

everett and eleanor
his outfit: gap shirt (similar on sale), blanket: barefootdreams
her outfit: gap (on sale)

we had a tragic week with this blanket. we lost it in target and spent the afternoon searching every aisle we had walked down and stalked every shopper with the BIG carts. It was heartbreaking explaining to everett that it was gone. a 2 year old should not have to face such a big loss. i was preparing how we were going to get him to go to sleep, when aaron called and said he would check on his way home. I swear they were more helpful to him because he was in his uniform, but they took him to the manager and watched surveillance. without luck, there was no evidence of the blanket. THEN something miraculous happened! One of the marvelous target employees had found it near the women's dressing room. I know I was definitely not there because hwo has time to try on clothes with a 6 week old and a 2 year old?? But it was there. The target guest services employee, Ashley called me to tell me they found the blanket. Aaron was searching the store and they didn't want to call his name over the speakers. HA! "Hello, Mr. Peacock, could you please come to guest services and retrieve your BLANKET!" BAHAHA

We waited for Aaron outside int he driveway to bring the blanket. Not only is Everett's daddy a war hero, but he is the hero that found his security blanket. 

Then the babysitter took the car seat and blanket, and I forgot it in her car. Luckily, that was an easy retrieval, but needlesstosay the blanket will be staying in our car from now on.



 ever since he has seen Up he loves to "look at the clouds." it's definitely one of his favorite movies, but we haven't watched it in awhile. I was shocked when in the middle of our fun alphabet game he decided to lay down. "mom sit. mom come. look at the clouds!" these are some of my favorite moments that I hope I never forget. Fourth of July week and weekend was fun with Aaron having a four day weekend. He still had to go into work some of the time, but Everett was happy to have him take us to the OKC Zoo and to the splash park.
Favorite Movies include: Finding Nemo, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Up, The Croods,
Movies starting to enjoy: Beethoven, but there are several scary parts... including the opening scene at the pet store when the biker lady gets peed on by puppy Beethoven.
Everett's clothes: Jean Shorts Old Navy (similar on sale), Tank or Mank: Slyfox Threads.

*by the way old navy and gap are having a major sale right now until July 16. if you like to buy ahead for next summer, you might want to take advantage of their discount. I mean Shoes are so expensive for kids and we save a bunch by buying them on sale.

eleanor is such a happy baby girl. she loves to hear her brother's voice and she will even turn in his direction. she did great in the car to oklahoma city, but we did have to stop for some major diaper scenes. my one on one time with her usually is after everett goes to bed. she thoroughly enjoys getting a bath and i love watching her eyes get big when i sing to her. She is equally as impressed with my rendition of Moon River as Everett is. This rug she is laying on is so soothing to her. (It's from etsy). I put it in the living room near the play area and everyone, including the dogs, likes to sit on it. Everett will bring his trucks, bugs or some other boy collection onto the rug too.  Figuring out how to balance the time between both is tricky. I can tell where moms overcompensate with the first baby because they are feeling guilty they are with their second. it's like a constant circle of guilt. Most days I try not to dwell on that and enjoy both of them in different ways at different times. Luckily everett loves his sister, but lately he is testing the waters...and her bottles...

Wedding Dress into Baptismal/Christening Gown


I am SO excited to share this post. I am normally super sentimental and keep everything, but lately, I have gone through a cleansing stage of my life. I recently donated and pitched a number of silly things that I once thought I should keep. (for example; my gradeschool head gear... why would I save my wisdom teeth??) Through this process, I came across the big box my wedding dress was restored in and knew I didn't want it to sit in storage for the next 50 years. My friend's mother made her son's Christening gown from her wedding dress last year and I always loved the idea of doing the same. She offered to do it for us for Eleanor. I also wanted to incorporate both my mother's and mother-in-law's dress in the gown somehow. These dresses are all different material and she executed it flawlessly into a gorgeous heirloom piece. 

 If you would like contact information, please comment below or look to their facebook page Prayerful Sewing.

knotted headbands for girls


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

there are some really cute headbands for girls out there nowadays instead of the typical bows! here are some of my favorite shops and a DIY tutorial for you to make your own. Most of these are between $6-$10.

Bluhm's Garden


 candy kirby designs will be adding headbands july 7 at 9am PST. (Picture from IG account)

Hipster Baby

Everyday & Solids

motown mondays


Monday, June 30, 2014

growing up in michigan my favorite radio station played motown music (104.3). still today, having bbq or walking the dogs, i put it on my pandora. everett kicks his chubby feet in the stroller or will shake his body to the beat. this week, when things get stressful, and counting to ten or taking deep breaths stop working, putting on some good tunes helps. because potty training sucks. (i stepped in poop somewhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. i used my finger to wipe it because i thought it was chocolate. it was definitely a tina fey in 'baby mama' moment. "is that chocolate or poop?")

i am not sure if it's because we have a newborn in the house too and aaron is working until everett goes to sleep, but it's been challenging. it also has been really rewarding to see how happy he is when he gets it. when he uses the toilet he now says "good job everett!" The best moment the other day i was putting on clean sheets. he was in a particularly crabby mood and i decided to put on the tunes. we did a happy dance on the bed to the jackson five and marvin gaye. i was holding eleanor and everett danced in his underwear on the bed in front of the mirror staring at himself.

instead of manic mondays, i am turning it into motown mondays. and i am going to eat one of these donuts.

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