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Thursday, July 30, 2015

oh man. what a project i picked! i really thought it was going to be a two day job. however after putting the stripper (chemical free:not sure about that) on it and letting it dry, there was like four layers of paint on it. this is a very loved dresser. it was in my sister's room growing up as a kid. it was a beautiful maple wood. when she was in high school she painted it a rose pink color and then when when we moved into our apartment together she painted it green. Before we had everett, i sanded it down, primed it and then painted it the softest blue. well the stripper needs another coat. i was so frustrated because the scraper i was using was the worst. it had some putty stuck on the scraping part so it was failing as it's one job to scrape things. (eyes rolling here)

i want to buy some of this rejuvenation hardware for the pulls. they are gorgeous don't you think?? these are obviously more expensive than home depot's selection, but they are also LESS expensive than buying a whole new dresser. total cost for dresser has been about $17 for the stain and the stripper. I had the poly, brushes, gloves, masks and that dang scraper. I can justify this expense right?

Harlow drawer pull $29

Holdridge Pull Under Drawer Pull $36

Kanota Cabinet Knob $11

is it wrong to start noticing names of hardware for possible baby names???

Blanqi shirt "motherhood is my muse" feels like butter

from where i sit

watching paint dry outside on the deck. painting the shelves to finally go up in their built in spaces. i will be sad/glad when they are not used as hiding spots for the kids. feet prints!

the weeds in the backyard. stress me out.

everett gave his teacher, Ms. Sandra, the biggest hug when he got to school today. he really loves it there. they told me he did a complete 180 since the beginning of preK. I am SOOO glad he is going to do 3 1/2 days this fall. It will be good for us both.

eleanor has so much energy and is already very independent. she wants to read by herself. her favorite book lately is anything with animals in it.

sunday we went to the book store for a free train table experience and some extra A/C. We walked into the store and eleanor screamed with excitement over while running to some Ty stuffed animal. It was a mazing!

a to do list that really needs to be tackled. including christmas gift planning already. (i need to literally plan everything out for the end of the year because of Aaron's work schedule and baby number three).

is it too early to have christmas outfits picked out? it's 99 degrees today....

Trying to get this homeownership down


Monday, July 27, 2015

Yard work. House work. Kids. Dogs. Husband. Making everyone mostly happy and keeping things clean is tricky. So far we are finishing things room by room. Our main goal was to get upstairs done as close to "done" as possible. We have to hang some art work, window treatments, a rug or two, install some amazing sconces in the bathroom and change the last couple beige switched to white. Phewwww "that's it??" Downstairs is another story. We need furniture and I'm concinced whatever we get our children will find a way to stain it! Monkey face emoji here. I've been searching Pinterest, Instagram and blogs for something that will work with kids. We wanted to get this cognac leather one for our family room but I think that might not be the way to go. It doesn't seem very cuddly for a kid movie night. Nor is it a second bed for guests. Not that we probably will have many guests. . .

Here is some progress though. 
Master bedroom NightstandRomper, Library Books

Kitchen and dining room: Floors, Table (craigslist), sputnik chandler 

Empty formal living room, but floors look good! :) 

friday favorites


Friday, July 24, 2015

i saw this style me pretty list and immediately was agreeing with number six. give me all the elderberry flowers!

kids can sometimes dominate the marriage, taking this list into consideration daily will be helpful

i found this amazing photographer who is going to be a favorite i just know it. she has a farm in ann arbor! amazing!

hippie vibes forever. these rings and bracelets are affordable and beautiful. @shopsekses on IG

Jcrew unleashed some beautiful early fall clothes this week. they offered snacks even at stores. any store that offers snacks i am on board. jcrew already wins most of the time and they added that. BONUS! i can't find any reason why i shouldn't buy the sweater in cobalt. #illtakeeverythingincobalt

i am thinking that these leggings would be perfect for all three kids at thanksgiving!

FOOD! so this week i have been trying new smoothies. i am considering popsicle a food group because, it's healthy and i may have a kid's brain.

Yin Restorative Yoga Class


Again this week I taught a different style of yoga. I enjoyed this relaxing restorative class. I am used to a vigorous, high energy classroom and this was calming and intimate. (not that a vinyasa isn't intimate, because i think it still can be most days.) my music selection probably could have been better, but i wasn't sure i wanted to go completely lyricless or not. I definitely should have. The lyrics were almost invasive even though the songs were s u p e r mellow. live and learn.

i tried to talk as little as possible, but wanted to present the idea of being happy in the present moment; not where you want to be or think you should be.

Laying on the back. (10 minutes)
-bolsters/blankets propping up, under knees and behind neck
-feeling of being grounded to the earth
-covered feet with blankets to make them feel their feet too
- on each exhale allow the calves, lower legs, upper back to be fully held

Child's Pose (10 minutes)
- bolster length wise under belly
- should feel like its holding up, instead of falling
-again covered their feet

Supta Bada Konasana (15 minutes)
-blankets under knees
-blanket over pelvis to keep pelvis down and feel rooted into the floor
-this vulnerable state might be hard for people to let go, remind them to find their breath and try to be still

Supported Bridge (6 mintutes)
-block under sacrum, or rolled up blanket
-option to keep legs extended with blanket under knees
-option to keep feet flat with knees bent

Twist L & R (10 minutes a side)
- good counter pose after bridge
-some might need blanket under stacked knees
-it feels really wonderful to have a bolster or blanket on/under bottom too.

Legs up against the wall (5 minutes)
option to bend knees place bolster under knees and stretch feet against the wall.
- healthy for thyroid
-getting blood flow back to the heart
-lower blood pressure
-good at the end of the day

-make them feel really comfortable
-maybe option even to lay on the belly

I am used to Jonny Kest style of yoga. He really believes more in a yin class that doesn't use props to get into the deeper tissue. I think I was intimidated by teaching this style with props. I think most of my students could have gotten into a frog or pigeon and held it for 8 minutes a side. I think next time I will incorporate that more too.

Gayatri Mantra (walking into class), Tina Malina
Beat of My Heart, My name is You
Circles, Alexandre Desplat
Evenstar, The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers
Bodyweight, Annie Eve
Au Revoir, One Republic
Inner Light, 2002
I See Fire, Ed Sheeran
Apana, East Forest
The Cusp & The Wane, Ed Harcourt

Dressing the bump at 22 weeks


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So right about now the rubber band around the button is just super uncomfortable and I needed to switch gears when I'm not wearing a dress. These James jeans were the perfect purchase from nordstrom rack. The rips aren't too trashy or big but they add a little play to the wardrobe. I highly suggest them. I still have to fold over the high waist right now because of that I between state that 22 weeks brings. However at the end of the day the fold goes all the way up quite nicely.

My sister in law bought me this Jo Malone perfume from nordstroms at Christmas and I didn't think I liked it at first, but now can't spray enough. This one is blackberry and is different then my usual sweet scent. It's definitely more grown up and mysterious. 

Ok. This mama bird shirt from thebeeandthefox I have seen everywhere since I got it. Mama watters, candy Kirby designs, Elise joy blaha! I'm just enjoying the comfort and the fact that I'm a Peacock. Haha

Speaking of our last name, it's been hard to find a baby name this time. I read this Nora Roberts series about Ireland and horses. One of the characters names is Iona. Eye-own-a. So of course with the last name peacock it will sound like "I own a peacock". Dang! 

I'm selling some things on eBay under "heightfamily2858" check it out. 

friday favorites


Friday, July 17, 2015

have you checked out the nordstrom sale? zella leggings SCORE!

for all you dwarf planet fans. we like space in this house. but this cartoon made me chuckle!

ok, not that you need this, but it would make a nice housewarming gift. 

i am in need of some winter boots, because my mother in law through mine out. in her defense there WAS a big hole in it. UGG always seems to be the best for walking the dogs (not the britney spears ones), but i am looking into sorel.

have you looked at the blanqi support tanks? i invested in one this time around. hopefully its not just an instagram gimmic.

having our son in preschool i hope that he gets a lot of play time. this psychology today feature is very insightful to hear what preschool teachers really think about no child left behind and testing!

how do you know if your partner is the one? cup of jo

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