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Traveling with Little Kids

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's been awhile since we traveled with kids and never have we done it with all three. This past weekend we had our first adventure with the kids and these are some tips I have for parents.

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Weekend Adventure

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Part of our summer plans were coming up to harbor springs, Michigan for a long weekend. Aaron used some vacation days and we have four long days with him! We have been staying up late, eating ice cream, and laughing until our bellies hurt. There also has been some real chaos. All of us are sleeping in one room. The staying up late part is trying to get everyone to sleep before midnight. Then trying to get everyone back to sleep when they wake up at 6:30am. FINALLY attempting them to nap in a perfectly beautifully sunshiney room! But I've been enjoying sharing the coffee with Aaron in the morning, even if we are a bit cranky ourselves.

Here's to Sunday and children sleeping! 

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Mom and Daughter Beach Day with Jcrew

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4th of July Looks for Mama and Tots

Thursday, June 23, 2016

LOU & GREY striped romper I ordered this with a 50% off coupon last week. It came and it's so functional for moms, but also I could see paired with a wedge for date night!

LOFT short sleeve t shirt
This shirt is super cute. I love LOFT sales! :)

Sam Edelman ankle strap shoes

I bought these in blue and have been wearing the heck out of them. Pretty good price for Sam shoes.

Moulinette Soeurs embroidered dress

I can totally see how this could work for many functions.

Cloth Stone knee length denim skirt SALE 50% off!! I just ordered it! Hurry! Reviews say runs big. Size Down!
Sole Society straw beach hat
This hat is everything!


Cant wait to see the girls in these swim suits. Save now with Gap's code STYLE!

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Greenfield Village

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I know not everyone is from Michigan but if you get a chance to visit, greenfield village is such a wonderful place to take younger kids. Especially now with the amazing playground! It has a little bit of everything there and shade. We try to go once a week because it's fun, we can take a picnic and it's clean there. We visited it recently and had a blast. Now that school is out there are a little less field trip kids visiting and the early morning we have the park to ourselves. 

Carousel is a must every single time. It makes me want to vomit but seeing the kids laugh and have fun makes up for it.

If you go on the train, I suggest the back because of noise and the dust. 

The puppet show is so sweet and in the shade. 

Have you ever been?? What's your favorite place to take the kids during the week? You know besides target. 

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Giveaway / Beauty Counter

Monday, June 20, 2016

I really dislike telling people I'm busy when they inquire how things are going with me. Some days it's easier to say that then to explain that I just washed poop out of underwear for the third time today. Plus, most people don't really care about that sort of tale anyway.  I tell them I'm busy because it's an excuse to why I haven't responded to their text yet but posted something on social media. It feels like my day is so blurred into each other too. I try to put out fires, and make myself presentable for public too. I remember the show "what not to wear" and think to myself "how do these moms not have five minutes to put makeup on or tweeze for Pete's sake??" But here I am finding out why they don't! Some days I'm lucky and my teeth are brushed, faced washed and there's some type of lip stick and mascara to fake a routine.

Experimenting with products that are safe  and that leave results are always tough. I was pleasantly surprised how the lengthenig mascara from Beautycounter held up in 90 degree weather at the zoo. Especially since this was me at the zoo.

Even better when I need a quick shave I know I can use the baby oil to make sure I'm keeping my marriage spicy!

 My good friend and army wife, Jen has me turning to some products and we want to giveaway some today for you! RULES: Like my Instagram account, and follow Jen on her Facebook page for awesome tips. Extra entries by tagging a friend, and following Jen on her IG page too ! WINNER wins a $35 credit to beauty counter!! Contest lasts until Wednesday. CLOSED GIVEAWAY!

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Yoga Stretches for Nursing Mamas

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Since I have been consistently nursing a baby for the last four years on and off, my shoulders are a common area of tension. To be honest, I was never good at getting the nursing pillow to put the baby on. For me it put the baby in an awkward position and it wasn't always near me when I had to nurse. Some times I would use the arm of a chair or most of the time nothing at all. This left my shoulders and posture a bit terrible. To counter the terribleness, I try to do some easy stretches wherever I can find the time. Sometimes this happens for five minutes before coffee, sometimes it's in the kitchen while I am making everyone's food, or the minutes before I slam my head on the pillow.

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