Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mind your manners. say please, thank you and excuse me.
Smile when you see your family. turn your from upside down.
Pick up after yourself.
Notice when others do kind things for you, show gratitude by action or words.
Say I LOVE YOU before going to bed.
Give hugs daily.
Don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on what you are happy about today.
Create gratitude journals to keep track of daily blessings.
Show thankfulness for even the little things others do for you.
Leave love notes in unexpected places like lunch boxes and under pillows.
Encourage someone with a compliment.
Verbalize what you are grateful for when you feel like complaining about life.
Keep a basket of small slips of paper on the table. Write notes of thankfulness during the week and read them to each other during family meals.
Remember to thank God for blessings each day.
Surprise your family (or friends) with little gifts or treats to show you thought of them.
No grumbling about minor annoyances around the house.
Do special things to cherish time with your family. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
Reflect on happy memories regularly.
Make inspiration boards of special times.
Help someone out without them having to ask you.
Watch for someone in need.
When you are doing household chores, be grateful you have a home to clean.

amelia's birth story


Sunday, November 22, 2015

monday evening at bedtime i was having some very painful muscle and leg pain. it felt like i could barely walk. of course i was home with the kids alone. I knew I should have seen the chiropractor that day, but it never happened. Then it started to feel like some minor contractions. These contractions were bearable. I mean I have had worse PMS cramps...
I decided to give aaron a little heads up about how I was feeling, in case things became more intense quickly. He was still working for a couple hours. I felt better if he came home then and he did. The kids were the cutest they have been in a long time at bedtime. They were sitting in the rocking chair together reading books. "I love you wide, I love you deep, I love you high, I love you low!" Everett was reading to Eleanor. They have the cutest little bond together. After I let them read, I somehow was convinced by two little people that they were going to sleep in Everett's bed together. I figured, why not? We ended up all curled up in everett's twin bed looking at the two Little Cloud Turtle and Lady Bug nightlights. It was cute.

When aaron arrived, he looked very confused as to why I wasn't ready to leave. I told him, I really didn't think it was time yet, but he felt better if we went in, especially since it was night time and his mom was willing to come by.

We went in and I was 5cm, but not really having any bad contractions. I just wanted to go home and go to bed. For some reason, when they rechecked me, I was a 6 and they thought they should admit me since eleanor arrived so quickly. We tried to get some rest, but it was a little hard. I kept waiting for something to happen, but i was mostly exhausted.

Later that day, another exam, and things were progressing more. I was really worried about the timeline of things. We had to be at the hospital 24 hours after the baby was born, and we had already been away for 12 hours. It was torture. I decided that if my water didn't break soon, I would have them do it. I figured the pressure would help bring baby down. Luckily it did and she arrived at a 7:57pm. She was very loud when she came out. Giving birth at the birthing center was beautiful. They let us hold her for a good two hours before they really did any measurements/assessments. We felt so blessed to have another healthy baby.

three kids under three


Saturday, November 21, 2015

oh my goodness! we have three children under three! they outnumber us. there are A LOT of diapers. they are loud. they don't like to listen. they are super cute. they say things like "mamameeela". they call her "my baby."

things have been mostly going pretty well. aaron's work schedule has taken him away from home most hours that the kids are awake (unless they decide to wake up with daddy at 5am!).
everett has been talking to aaron like he doesn't live at our house. "daddy, you're coming to my house today?" it makes me sad, but luckily, it's not forever.

amelia is adjusting to being in our world too. she really likes to be held and i am perfectly ok with that. they are small for like two seconds, i will take advantage of that 4th trimester theory.

it's snowing in michigan today. i cannot wait for a fire to be started at the fireplace and hot coacoa in my mug.

Friday Favorites


Friday, November 20, 2015

We are busy over here loving on our new baby girl! :) Amelia Marie. 

friday favorites


Friday, November 13, 2015

this perspective on parenting by anna is beautiful. i often think the same thing about the saying "the days are long but the years are short."

i prepped this veggie soup for the croc pot freezer meals when i will just want to hang with my three little people.

how cute are these bonnets from eleanorandeverely?

loft is having a 40% sale! friends giving. olive this :) perfect for holiday party/date night. don't you think?use code SHAREIT when you sign up!

erin has her beenies back in the shop! hurry. they are super duper cute!

how lovely is this idea 

this cardigan, might be the best gift idea! one for you, buy one 50% off for your sister?

kick your feet up this weekend! shoes forever 21

so I'm having a baby!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

but you already knew that. ha! but the reality of it being less than a week from the due date makes things seem REAL. aaron's work schedule has given the kids and i oodles of time together. i haven't really felt that sadness like i did when i knew it would change from a family of three to a family of four. this time, i am just ready and praying that things go smoothly. holiday season is already a busy time of year, but adding another little person seems like more stress, germs, jackets, and laundry! I was smiling looking at FIVE piles of clothes this week. (I was not smiling at all the diapers though!) 

i have been having contractions on and off for a couple weeks now. i even had one false labor trip to triage. (thank you to Gluten filled pizza. my stomach cannot tolerate the gluten so much anymore). our midwife was encouraging at my appointment. I felt like I was everett and she was me. "good job kathryn! keep it up! you are dilated to a 4!" I'm pretty sure my look on my face was pretty priceless.

my mother in law gave us an old iPad and now, eleanor will actually sit for about 10 minutes. i had 10 minutes where i was not moving and they were sitting next to me. they weren't screaming "mine" or "no" or "stop it" It was the best parenting i had done all week! I actually knit an entire row of the baby blanket i am making for the littlest peacock.

so here is in outfit post of some stretchy finds that keep me warm, comfy and not looking like i rolled out of bed too much. ENJOY!

Anthropologie's sale


Monday, November 9, 2015

If you are looking for that extra special holiday sweater, you might want to take a look at the sale anthro has on them. 20% off regular priced tops/sweaters. TOPITOFF at checkout. 

My personal favorites are 
This one for sure. Can't wait to rock those bell sleeves. Hopefully it hides some extra belly too. 

And this one:
Cashmere swing pullover by moth.

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