Summer Plans


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. ~James Dent

These summer days of sticky fingers, dirty feet and the sound of endless laughter is my favorite. It's amazing to see these kids becoming friends. They are learning to share, use their imagination and be their own little person. 

Our goals this summer:
1. Make popsicles
2. Go Camping
3. Use our new telescope
4. Fireworks
5. Pick some strawberries
6. Make homemade pickles
7. Tball
8. Sprinkler/Pool combo
9. Sleeping (that is my own goal)
10. Make an Apple Pie

Memorial Day


Those heroes we often don't take the time to think about when we are busy with our life, we are so thankful for. Being a military family, Memorial Weekend is a four day weekend, but it is also a time to remember and be thankful for people who gave their lives to this country. When we were at Walter Reed, there were so many families living in the hospital with their injured service members. Some had little pack in plays in the hospital room. They were making it work for their families and helping their family heal. They are the lucky ones. Some of their stories of their best friends not making it made it hard to heal. Why me they would ask? I think about that daily and am thankful to have had my husband come home and make these three babies. I think about those yellow ribbon moms/parents, brothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends but I also think about those men and women who lost a friend.
"The patriot's blood is the seed of freedom's tree." - - Thomas Campbell

Pretty in Pink Birthday


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Eleanor turned two today! You only turn two once and we had to fill her day with lots of pink. She started her day before the sun, used the big girl potty and went back to bed for an hour. (Thank Goodness!)

Dad promised her a waffle breakfast bar and that is what he delivered, and then some. He uses this recipe and we always top it with our favorite maple syrup. Today I put all the toppings in our beautiful ceramic muffin holder. While we waited for the sausage, she opened up her gifts. They entertained her for a good half hour. She is NEVER still and this was so sweet to see. Maybe it was because Everett was in the other room and I was on the floor with her. She felt special and no one was taking over. 

 Usually in the morning she changes her outfit about three times but today she was sticking with her pink dress. I have had it hiding since February. Jcrew had a good sale. She said "oh my goodness!" when she saw it. She went with Aaron to her favorite store, the grocery store. When she came home she had a little toy puppy stuffed animal. I'll never forget her sweet little grin when she walked in. Pink tutu dress and blue tennis shoes. 

The reveal for her tricycle was spectacular. We rode the bikes up and down the street. Everett hopped on his bike and showed her some tricks. She was in and out of it and loving life. Too bad nap time came. She barely napped because she woke up with an hour on the clock begging to play with her bike. 

She and Everett pushed each other in it out of that pink bike in the backyard all afternoon.  It was so nice to see he rise  to the occasion. Some parts of the day were tricky with sharing and jealousy but they did do pretty well. I really think that sibling rivalry book helped give me tools for parenting those situations. 

We had company over for ribs and I was so excited it was raining out so we could eat on our new gathre mat. I was nervous about clean up with pink frosting and bbq sauce however it wiped clean immediately.  

 tablecloth / vintage floral paper plates / cake plate / cake topper / felt flower garland / kids plates / paper dots / silverware
Eleanor was super tired and didn't go to sleep until 845. I wish I could say she will sleep in tomorrow, but I know I'll see her ready to move at 6:08am. 

Happy birthday lady. We love you more than all the stars. 

And now I will not eat any more cake until November for Amelia's birthday. Phew! 2 cakes in a week.

Happy Birthday Eve to little Ellie Lou


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our little girl will be 2 tomorrow and she definitely is in that tender two age. It feels like she has been since Amelia was born. She has a spunky, free spirit that brings us to our  knees laughing at times. Most of the time she is squealing in excitement about something; going pee on the potty, finding an ant outside, seeing a bus while we are driving, pouches... She rarely has a bad day. Born smiling, and that attitude has never changes. It's hard for me to really get genuinely upset with her because she always has this smirk on her face.. even after something naughty. She mimics my behavior too which makes it even harder to be mad. Never did I imagine I would have a little shadow following me any time I move. I definitely try to hide sometimes, but she smells me out!

Being the middle child, she tries so hard to fit in with her big brother and little sister. Sometimes the frustration of finding her role in playing with both comes through. Trying to comprehend imaginative play with Everett is a stretch for her, and watching Amelia sit on the floor chewing on a toy is "yucky." However she does her best with such grace. It's beautiful to see how caring and thoughtful she is already. If she goes into the kitchen to grab her water bottle, she also will pick up her brothers and bring it to him. No one told her to do that. Just last week, I was walking up the stairs with the laundry hamper and she said "here mommy" and opened the gate door for me to get through. WHAT! This little helper of ours loves chores. Cleaning up messes on the floor, she will run to get a kitchen towel and just like watching mommy, uses her foot to clean up a spill. (Did I mention I do laundry a lot?) Little miss independent would rather do everything on her own, before asking for help. (sound familiar?) She has mastered putting on her pants by herself, walking up and down the stairs, pouring cereal into a bowl, unloading the dishwasher, throwing poopy diapers away, flushing the toilet, but she still LOVES LOVES LOVES when someone holds her. She is quite the lover and I am pretty ok with that. I know some day soon she won't want to be rocked in the chair at night and I will miss that terribly.

Her favorite foods are smoothies and chips. She really loves Eric Clarks books, especially Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  If she isn't singing mother goose club songs, she is singing Ellie Goulding "Love me like you do" or Adele's "hello". Picking out an outfit for her is a nightmare. I am sure it won't compare to teenage years, but she had quite the opinion on things. I like the blue shirt, she wants the pink. Quickly her drawers are looking more and more like pepto bismal. Thank goodness for June and January's bright solid color clothes, because I don't think I could take some of the clothes out there. But I'm glad she has her own opinion and that it's her own. My likes don't kill her special pink vibe!

I have heard when you're older you picture your kids at a certain age and I imagine this is what I will remember. Sucking her thumb, holding/pulling her hair, wearing something pink, with dirt all over her face and giving so much love to her family. Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful Eleanor Louise.

Well visits do's and don'ts


Friday, May 27, 2016

It's that time of year again. Check up time! We debated since December if we were going to take all three kids at the same time to their wellness visit. Amelia's 6 month, Eleanor 2 year and Everett 4 year visit. Amelia and Everett would be due for their vaccines. I figured it would be best to just take the girls while Everett was at school. I forgot that he didn't have school today because of memorial weekend and my plan changed.

In a typical day, at some point, two are crying at the same time. Rarely are all three, but when it happens I'm usually not in public.  Until today...

Everett was super brave and sat in my lap for his four shots; 2 in each arms. Not until shot number three happened did he realize that things  hurt and he tried to hold in his cry. They put his four batman bandaids on which I figured would be great. Boy, was I WRONG. It was snagging on the sleeve of his shirt and it made him even more uncomfortable. He was screaming "daddy" and take off the bandaid when Eleanor comes skipping back into the room. One of the nurses grabbed Amelia to put her on the table, because oh yes, she was just sitting in only a diaper on the floor. (On the floor. At the doctors office.) She was giving her the liquid vaccine while I comforted Everett a little bit. THEN, Eleanor decided she needed these shots too and climbed up to the table to be with her sister. I was beside the nurse tech holding Amelia's arms as she gave her chubby thigh the shot. Of course Everett is still crying. Eleanor is demanding a bandaid and then Amelia begins to cry. This music started to scare Eleanor who decided she needed to get down from the table and she fell. Since I was consoling Amelia in my arms, the nurse tech grabbed Ellie to give her a hug. Of course, this just did not satisfy her and she wanted mama. I bent down and hugged her while holding Amelia and realized the nurse had left. So I had all three children crying at the same time...

Bring snacks.
Bring mini dried blueberries.
Bring the freakin tablet/iPad.
Take your daughter to the bathroom while she is listening to Ellie Gouldin "Love me like you do" on the loudest volume setting.
Make a list of questions for each child on your phone. It will be tricky to try to remember them all in the chaos moment.
Forget everything you wanted to ask.
Allow your toddler to show off her fine motor skills.
Let her take apart the doctors new stethoscope.

Happy Friday!
Black and white makes everything seem so sweet. This was before they were all crying.

Peter and the Wolf Birthday Party


Thursday, May 26, 2016

We like music and wolves in this house.  The first time Everett heard Peter and the Wolf on the radio his mind was pretty blown away. Since October, I have probably listened to the musical theater piece a thousand times. We have it on YouTube, a cd, a record and on my phone. It really cannot be avoided to listen to.

happy birthday eve everett!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everett turns 4 tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go? You were just born! I think I say that every year, but it really feels like we blinked and we are present day with three kids. We had this beautiful moment alone with everett on Sunday. It was a glimpse of what life would be like with only one child. The girls were sleeping and he ate lunch with us on the deck. He was talking about salsa and the "green peppers" inside. (We like Dragons Love Tacos). It was super cute when he said,
"hey guys, see this, this is a great idea!" and he dipped his hot dog into the salsa. Quite the palet this one has! Just like his mama!

Going through pictures I am swimming in my own puddle of tears. I wish I could go back in time for an hour and hold baby everett more. I would tell my first time mom self to not worry about schedules/nap time and have him nap on my chest. He was such a good little baby boy. Always happy!

The fours I hear are fun! I look forward to more RAWRing, pirate playing, digging, and going on adventures with you! We love you! Happy Birthday!

 6 months

almost 2

3 years

almost 4

A day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day. Winnie the Pooh

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